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Proactive Recovery Center gives struggling addicts and alcoholics a real chance at getting their lives back. Let us assist you in taking that first step to a new life.

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Addiction and alcoholism is a three-fold disease centered in the mind, body and spirit. Proactive Recovery Center’s approach is a holistic approach, focusing on all three. Striving for excellence and progress is our ultimate goal to be reached with individual care and attention. You don’t have to face drug and alcohol addiction alone!


We offer a transitional healing process dedicated to providing each individual with the very best chance at achieving long term sobriety

Partial Hospitalization

Partial Hospitalization (PHP) is a highly structured level of care. Clients attend a minimum of 25 hours of clinical care per week, at least 1 hour of individual care per week, as well as attend 12 step meetings 7 times per week. Clients will also enjoy weekly group outings.


Intensive Outpatient

Intensive Outpatient (IOP) is for clients who have completed PHP or residential levels of care. Clients will attend 9-15 hours of clinical care per week and will meet with their individual therapist at least 1 time per week. Clients will begin to integrate themselves back into the real world in this stage of care.



Outpatient (OP) is the final phase in the treatment process. Clients will attend groups a minimum of 3 hours per week as well as meet with their individual therapist at least 1 time per week. At this level, clients will be fully employed, working with a sponsor, and will have regained a vital place in society.



Their is nothing more rewarding then a kind word from our peers and clients. Here is what some of them had to say about Proactive Recovery Center.

Proactive Recovery Center saved my life! I was so lost and broken when i walked through their doors and everyone welcomed me with open arms. The staff and therapists really made me feel comfortable.I have been to many treatment centers and I have never experienced such warmth and genuine care from any other place that I have been to. Not to mention we also go on weekly outings that taught me that having fun in recovery is possible. I truly would not want to recover anywhere else.


Proactive Recovery Center is a place I call home. A place I feel welcomed. I first came to PRC in 2016 and completed the entire program. I left feeling hopeful and filled with knowledge. I learned so much from my therapists at Proactive and I was sure I was going to stay sober. Eventually life got in the way and without working a program, I relapsed. I immediately called PRC and they welcomed me back with open arms. Nobody judged me and everybody made me feel loved from the techs to the therapists. They genuinely care about people and their well being. Proactive Recovery Center has shown me that I can have fun in sobriety. The staff constantly goes out of their way for us by making sure we go on fun outings. Most importantly I feel safe again and I am sober in a place that cares for you no matter how many times you fall down.


From day one, being at Proactive Recovery Center has been a great experience. I had nothing when I came here. No insurance, no money, no nothing. And the Proactive staff made me feel welcomed and at home. They have taught me that there is a better way to live. Our groups and meetings have helped instill in me that recovery is possible. The techs are all knowledgeable about addiction and they are also friendly and make you feel comfortable. I have been coming in and out for 17 years and this is honestly the best program I have ever been to. I have acquired tools to lead my every day life successfully and I truly feel a spiritual change. I am beyond grateful for this humbling opportunity to be welcomed at such a five star place.


Proactive has made such a positive impact in my life. I reached an all time low and decided it was time for me to go to treatment. I chose PRC and it was the best decision I could have made. Seeing as how it was my first treatment center, states away from home, I was terrified. I came here away from my family, to a place I had never been. The staff at Proactive made me feel welcomed from the very start. They made sure my transition was as smooth as possible. Proactive has given me hope, and inspiration that I didn’t think was possible. Today, I am sober and I am happy. I have to thank the wonderful program and the heart warming staff at Proactive Recovery Center for my new found outlook on life as a sober woman.


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Let one of our Proactive Recovery Addiction Specialists help you with your journey to recovery. Don’t hesitate! We are on the phone lines 24/7 to assist you with your needs. If you can not call a specialist today, please fill out the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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